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Welcome to BidQ

BidQ Limited is an indigenous company engaged in consultancy services and project management in Nigerian oil and gas sector. Its main business is in the maritime, oil & gas, market research and heavy-duty equipment.


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Our Services

Marine and Logistics

BidQ Limited has developed an efficient and effective logistics handling capacity, for transportation of petroleum products.

Bid & Tender Management

We offer Bid & Tender Consulting to both buyer and supplier helping them to get the best value out of their tender process.


BidQ focuses on Strategy and Management of Business Change, efficiency-oriented to the outcome and achieving Success in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Certificate & License

There are a lot of corporate and individual certificates needed for projects work approval. We can handle these certificates and license for your immediate use.

Vendor Registration

We have a proven, multi-dimensional vendor registration process that helps our clients integrate into best job opportunity in the oil & gas space.

Market Research Study

Data collection and data analysis are the key tools used in Qualitative and Quantitative research study for market & business intelligent insights.

Heavy Equipment Hire & Leasing

BidQ is a national supplier of equipment and products for exploration, well drilling, well completion, acidizing fracturing, pipeline construction, surface construction work and offshore engineering.